The EU at the local level

The decisions made by the EU affect in various ways the people at the local level. When Members of the European Parliament and Member States agreed to a revised Directive on Industrial Emissions last July, it is ultimately the citizens at the local level who will suffer to consequences when politicians allow for some extra years of flexibility on air pollution standards. The same goes for rules relating to postal services or energy markets, as it is the citizens who notice whether they receive their mail or have a massive increase on their energy bill.

I am looking for examples of EU legislation that is either passed in the last few years or is in the pipeline, which can/will have a positive or a negative effect on citizens at a local level, as I will be doing a presentation for a big group of EU-interested youth on Friday 4th February. Thanks for any feedback.

What do you think is the most important legislation passed with a big impact at the local level?

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