States threatened by climate change displacement takes matters into their own hands

The New York Times reported earlier this week that the Government of the Maldives is planning to buy up land through an investment fund in order to pre-empt their population status as climate refugees. This is the first initiative that I have heard of where states are considering to buy up land elsewhere to house their population in the event of rising sea levels and increased extreme weather.

The only similar adaptation measure which aims at permanently relocating a population could be the Asian Pacific Category of New Zealand, as mentioned earlier in this blog, which aims to resettle 75 to 150 persons from some selected pacific islands each year.

Many states are producing and implementing climate change action plans and equivalent, but it seems as the displacement aspects often are ignored, as pointed out in several comments recently made to the `Bangladesh Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan` (BCCSAP ) that the forced migration aspect, or displacement aspect, is ignored.

Can anyone let me know if there are any other resettlement schemes or similar adaptation measures initiated to address the issue of climate refugees or environmentally displaced persons?

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