Finding a place to live in Brussels

It is summer time in Brussels and everything is very quiet here as all the institutions are more or less closed. The only thing that is increasingly filling up my inbox are requests from friends and acquaintances who are looking for a place to live, as they are moving to Brussels in less than a month or so to work. As I received my third e-mail regarding this issue only this past week, I decided to put together a small list of places to look if you are moving to Brussels. Please feel free to add more this post and you will help my friends a great deal.

Place du Londres

Place du Londres in Ixelles

Where to look for a flat?

There are a few good websites offering flats of various kinds:

  • One of the most extensive sites for flats in Belgium is Immoweb, a site I used to find my current flat.
  • There are several websites for expats, one of them is this and it offers many good tips on how to settle in in Belgium. If you are looking for flat now, many flats are posted in their classified section. There are several other xpats site, among them is Xpats listing a few flats right now.
  • The Francophone website has also been recommended to me by a friend as it has many adds too.
  • As many of those moving to Brussels are newly educated or having an internship, maybe a flatshare is more of interest, then the has been recommended to me.

I am sure there are other sites out there as well, but this could at least be a start.

Which area to live?

The second thing you will need to consider is WHERE you want to live, but that really depends on your preferences. There are already a few websites with descriptions of the various areas, at expatica and here. Many expats prefer to live in the “bubble” of Ixelles (post code 1050) as it is close to the EU-institutions and has quite a good restaurant scene around Boniface and Flagey.

Do you have any other recommendations?

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