EU aims to develop policy on climate change and migration?

The EU’s Global Approach to Migration is formulated these days in the EU. The Commission released in October a Communication with proposals on how the EU can have a more comprehensive and all encompassing policy towards all forms of migration. The interesting thing, from a climate change point of view, is that the Comission for the first time is mentioning migration and climate change in an official document (at least as far as I know) and proposed that the EU should formulate a policy on the area on page 8;

Furthermore, the EU should also formulate a policy in response to recent developments such as the increasing impact of climate change on migratory movements.

And page 9 says:

Explore the relationship between climate change and migration and gain a better understanding of the number of people affected now and in the future.

Even though a communication such as this is non-binding for member states, is it at least a step towards a more firm approach to the issue of climate change and migration.

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