Climate Change, displacement and Poznan

The Climate Change Summit in Poznan kicked off yesterday, with a side event on climate change and displcement hosted by the UNHCR planned for Monday 08 December. There are currently no agenda or papers online, but the description from the Poznan side event site says the following:

Climate change, migration and forced displacement: the new humanitarian frontier?
Climate change is projected to add to the scale and complexity of human mobility. What instruments/tools are available to the international community to meet this new humanitarian challenge? Will new tools and paradigms be needed to address large-scale internal displacement and cross-border flows?

I look forward receiving reports from this session and I promise to post it here as soon as I have something.

The increased interest for climate change and displacement is resulting in more and more written contributions in the area. This week I stumbled upon a few more web sites and articles related to the issue.

Other interesting things happening:

  • Last week an adaptation conference was held in Netherlands. Read the outline of the conference here.
  • A seminar is planned in Copenhagen on the 10th of December, by the Danish institute for International Studies, on Migration and Climate Change.

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