Climate Change and Migration: July update

The Copenhagen summit is approaching and the amount of news articles covering the topic of climate change and migration is increasing, as the last posts on this blog can attest to. The latest news I have caught up on is as follows:

  • The renowned NGO Oxfam released a report on Climate Change in the Pacific this week. It is worth a read, as it highlights the changes that are already taking place in the pacific and for the people living there and what must be done. I can recommend the report itself and a short description at the website.
  • The Financial Times also covered the issue summarizing some of the debate the topic of environmental migration/displacement and using illustrative examples in their weekend issue some time back.
  • The Economist also dedicated a few pages on the topic in an article in their last June issue, called “A new (under) class of travellers
  • CARE International, UN University  and the Center for International Earth Science Information Network at the Earth Institute of Columbia University launched a report in May called “In Search of Shelter: Mapping the Effects of Climate Change on Human Migration and Displacement“, and is also worth a read:

I do not have time to write summaries of each and every one of these sources, but I hope it can be useful to know about their whereabouts at least.

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