Climate change and forced migration discussed in Bonn next week

The talks on a global climate change agreement continues this and next week in Bonn. One of the many side-event will focus only the issue of forced migration/displacement. The event is organized by the Norwegian Refugee Council and has many high level speakers such as Craig Jonstone, Deputy UN High Commissioner for Refugees. 

Side event on forced migration on the 8th of June

The side event on forced migration and climate change is on the 8th of June

Furthermore, the latest negotiation text includes a reference to human mobility (para 25 e), which we can just hope will stay in the text also after the Bonn-negotiations. I have yet to find an EU position on this issue. Please feel free to let me know if you happen to sit on that information.

The think tank headed by Kofi Annan, Global Humanitarian Forum, published a report last week on the human impact of climate change, covering a wide range of issues including environmentally displaced persons. The report does not bring too much new facts on the table regarding this issue, but it has some interesting case-studies illustrating the devastating impact of climate change in Bangladesh, Ghana and and small island states. The report contributes to the growing recognition of the subject and is definitively worth a read.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) published a policy paper on climate change and displacement in May, which is also worth a read together with a New York Times article on the topic that came out last week. There finally seem to be a momentum to recognize the issue at the international level and hopefully the end-text in Copenhagen will address this issue properly.

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